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Why choose My Life Mortgage?

We will introduce you to a network of specialist mortgage brokers who will work with you and understand your circumstances to find the most appropriate mortgage for your needs.

Why use a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker can help you (the customer) navigate every stage of the mortgage process, from finding the right deal to finalising the application. Services they provide include advice on which product to choose, searching the market for the most suitable lender to approach, and assistance with application forms and paperwork.

Who can you help?

The specialist mortgage brokers who we are able to access can assist all types of backgrounds. We understand that clients may be stuck on an interest only mortgage and want to know what their options are, may have bad credit, or be self-employed. We’re here to assist in finding the right broker for you.

If it is free, how do you get paid?

Our broker matching service is 100% free for you to use. We work on a success-based model with the specialist mortgage brokers. Only when the specialist mortgage broker successfully get your mortgage completed do we get paid. Our focus is on getting you matched to the best broker who will find the right mortgage for you.

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*My Life Mortgage will not conduct a credit check on our customers but the mortgage broker we introduce you to may conduct a credit check, as may a lender when deciding whether to lend to you.